Students testimonials

Find below student’s experience feedback, having already made a gastronomic internship in France


«  When the opportunity came to work abroad, I have never hesitated to meet the challenge to widen my knowledge. This is in conjunction with the learning of new languages, which is other one of my pleasures. I decided to come in France and to study with professionals.

I ended my surprising courses where I learnt many different techniques, manners to work in cooking and of new friendships. It was an extraordinary experience in my life.

Having ended my course, I began my internship where I was rewarded by making it in a restaurant two Michelin stars. Undoubtedly the best experience in my life and my professional career

It means working enormously, working very hard. I made many errors but it made me grow and I learnt a lot on myself and on my job. For me, it’s worth it.

A brigade which counts 17/18 people cooking at the same time under pressure; it is inconceivable!!!!!

I take with me all these new tools, these new ideas which will help me in my future creations.

Why rewarding? Because this experience was best undoubtedly of my career of a professional and personal point of life. All this learning and these advice, I shall take them and shall keep with me all my life. These things for me have no price and I can only thank for this incredible experience. I enormously evolved and increased, and I am going to leave from here more ripe and more prepared to pursue my dream and make an excellent work.

It was undoubtedly the strongest experience of my life!

It is time for me, to change atmosphere, to pass at the upper level, by feeling me more ripe, better prepared and more confident in myself.
I think of having made the best investment, the best choice of my life. I leave from here by liking even more the cooking, the impatient person to cross the next landing, and by feeling me very happy and spread in my boss job. »

Bernardo (Brazil) – restaurant ** Michelin

April 2015 to september 2015


«This internship of four months is a memorable experience in my life. I learnt to work effectively in a cooking. I won in patience, in spite of the permanent pressure. My family and my friends who missed me helped me to survive in this unknown earth. I shall not forget all the experiences during my internship. Everybody in the kitchen, there were ups and downs, but it is a unique experience in a life. My internship is memorable and I am proud today to be able to say: ” I CAN MAKE IT “. »

Waritsara (Thailand)-hôtel-restaurant * Michelin

June 2014 to october 2014


If you wish to have more information and to contact former trainees in cooking or cake store, manage you here: Ambassadors This interactive map lists the contacts of students of various origins, it will allow you to have a direct contact with (maybe) somebody of your country.


« The Japanese samurai, the Ninja or Bruce Lee, it is like how they called me! My dream is to have my own restaurant. My objective is to make a cooking Japanese-French.

During my internship, I acquired many of the new knowledge and techniques. Thanks to the work and to the observation in in the kitchen, I had many inspirations. During the training course I had to show endurance with a workload and important pressures. I had to deal with a big moral fatigue while knowing how to meet daily challenges. Although it is very difficult, I am very proud of me.

I realize that to give up would have been easy but to persevere and to show sacrifices strengthened my will. The challenges I recovered, the difficulties which I surmounted are the realities of this job and I had to make him(it) to set out to conquer then my dream. I won much more that of what I thought, especially on a psychological and physical plan.»

Hiro (Japan) – restaurant ** Michelin

December 2014 to april 2015


« I made my internship after 3 months of training in pastry, in a very beautiful establishment. Normally my internship was planned for 4 months but I decided to extend it of a month furthermore to acquire more experience because I want to stay in this activity sector. I learnt a lot: of the application of my knowledge to the organization of the teamwork. This experience offered me a good preparation for Chef job.»

Li (China)- hôtel-restaurant de collection

April 2014 to august 2014


« I would like to have my own restaurant, but I never had any cooking training. I learned a lot, I gained experience and I had nice friendships. I made some mistakes in my work, which helped me grow. I have developed my knowledge and skills. I have seen many things, which will help me in the future »

Katarina (Indonesian) – hôtel restaurant gastronomique familial

Avril 2015 à octobre 2015


«I am very happy with the independence I have gained by working in a kitchen. Speak in French has become much easier over the months and I now feel able to work in French cuisine.

Despite several difficulties during the internship I found it a really useful experience for my future. I was able to realize that working in a restaurant is hard but that it is also very satisfying. I want to continue in this area and learn more, especially the techniques. And maybe someday have my own establishment but we’ll see »

Stepan (République Tchèque) – restaurant gastronomique à thèmes en montagne

Décembre 2014 à avril 2015